A small portable magnetometric device with a LCD screen, for analysis of oil samples and detecting metal particles. Easy to use on board results in 2 seconds.

An easy to use, cost effective and fast way of determining the level of wear due to cold corrosion. By deriving the content of Fe2+ and Fe3+ in the scrape down oil, the impact of cold corrosion can be measured on board, and there by time consuming analysis in a land based lab can be eliminated, and the time from sample to necessary preventive action can be shortened drastically.

A complete, economic, oil analysis kit used for measuring and monitoring the water in oil content for industry, marine and offshore equipment, with the ability to test on-site and enable you to conduct oil analysis quickly and easily. Tests use EasySHIP Non-Hazardous reagents.

New economical solution kit. Allows the user to get an accurate picture of the iron level in the cylinder oil, in minutes, by using a color matching test.

A sensor with magnetometry combined using smart algorithm to detect a particle size, speciation, distribution and count with an unbeatable detection range.

Monitor fuel dilution, soot ingress and contamination of oils and fluids using one online sensor — the only one of its type to measure nS/m conductivity.

LinerSCAN monitors effectively, in real-time, heavily polluted and viscous flow of drain oil, and optimizes the lubricant feed rate on board before the problem occurs.

A small self-contained case to analysis the hydraulic system and detect the contamination by metallic and non-metallic contaminants.

The last generation in ANALEX pq laboratory equipment range. Designed for use instead of pqM and pqA instruments, and with increased accuracy and range reproducibility at low level.

A magnetic and centrifugal separation instrument offers a quick and simple method of wear debris separation and particle size analysis. Preparation time per sample is about 20 minutes and 10 min for analysis time by photometric method and 6 min by gravity method.

Featuring a compact, portable design, comprehensive oil and lubricant monitoring for optimum performance. Simple to use.

Amazing sensor with the ability to detect particle contamination for particle sizes with sensitivity of <1 micron Fe. Easy connections for quick installation. Comes with LED display and air blast zeroing.