Consolidated - Safety valve 19000

The safety valve in the 19000 series from Consolidated is available in several different versions, so the valve is adapted to the desired application. The safety valve is reliable and easy to maintain


The safety valve has a fixed outlet, which means that the parts are designed so that no adjustment or testing of the valve is required


Can be supplied with handle or hood. Possibility of plug (gag) in the hood solution, if desired


Possibility of delivery in softening performance with backup of a metallic sealing seat (19000 DA series). This adds extra security and minimizes product loss


The 19096 versions are for gas, steam and liquid applications, or where there are large variations or accumulation of back pressure



  • Inlet: 1/2 "to 2"
  • Outlet: 1 "to 2 1/2"
  • Connection: Thread, flange or welding end
  • Orifice: 7 different sizes
  • Temperature range: -267.8 ° C to 593.3 ° C
  • Materials trim: 316 stainless steel (standard) - Other materials on request

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