Ultrasonic thickness gauge deltawaveC-WD

DeltawaveC-WD is the new ultrasonic thickness gauge for precise and easy measurements of thickness of pipes and components.

The thickness measurement is possible for most materials like steel, metals and plastics. deltawaveC-WD offers a broad measuring range and a convenient and easy user interface.This and the robust aluminium enclosure makes it a user-friendly all-rounder for numerous applications and a reliable tool for our ultrasonic flowmeter deltawaveC.

With DeltawaveC make your installations even easier. Instead searching the pipe data, just measure the wall thickness within seconds! DeltawaveC-WD measures your wall thickness of metall, plastic or glass pipes with an accuracy of down to 0.1mm!

The new and free deltawaveC-software makes your setup even easier and faster. Perform your setup on a PC and simply upload it via USB to your flowmeter. You can print and store several setups on your PC and on your deltawaveC for fast field service. For documentation, printing of the setups and analysis of the ultrasonic signals are also possible. 

The new advanced filter technology implemented in deltawaveC improves the quality of difficult measurements significant. The anti-noise-filter reduces most efficient noise from bad pipe walls, particles and aeration and ambient noise from machinery and high power electronics.

Features :

  • Free softeware fors setup and printing and signal analysis
  • Start datalog just by pressing single key
  • Easy Startup

Key Features

  • High measurement accuracy
  • Broad measuring range
  • Hygienic measurement
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Cost-effective

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