Paolo Tonon, the new head of the internal development group for ship design and technology within the Maersk Group, points towards big data as having the potential to revolutionize the shipping industry by ensuring an optimal development of a fleet – also on carrier unit level. 

On the energy efficient Tripple-E vessels, which are equipped with 2.000 sensors pr. ship. On fleet level Maersk receives 30 terabytes worth of a month. “At Maersk Line, they have had success developing technical strategies alongside MMT regarding how to minimize operational expense, and this is also thanks to big data.”  The changes are possible because as Mr. Paolo continues, “You learn more about how the equipment function on board the ships, and how to simply optimize the way in with you work with the equipment (…)”. 

As of yet it is unclear how big the potential is, however Paolo explains that currently big data is being used diligently when it comes to decision making regarding energy efficiency; that is making changes such as: 
Propeller, bow and engine fine-tuning, depending on operational profile. 

It is considered to be a great aid when it comes to uncovering new business models and ultimately help the single ship’s economy. 

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