Acoustic /Vibration monitoring

Acoustic emission is a term that covers vibration caused by rotating machinery. Condition monitoring by acoustic emission analysis is an effective and non-destructive way of getting an insight into the health of the machinery on board. With the analysis equipment you can determine if you are using enough lubrication, have a shaft misalignment or even the condition of bearings. Acoustic emissions analysis is particularly efficient when it comes to early detection of faults, giving the crew time to act before a critical failure. Vibration in general is one of the main stress factors on board a vessel and monitoring it continuously can prove valuable when planning maintenance and selecting new hardware.


MHC-Memo Pro - the ultimate tool for condition monitoring, with full acoustic emission spectrum capture and analysis capability with the included software. Route logging facility for multiple plant routes.

Standard and Super-Slo mode device for normal and slow rotating machinery. 32 measurement point, non-volatile memory.

Parker Kittiwake's MHC Bearing Checker is a new, unique hand-held instrument, providing maintenance engineers with a simple to use and quick method of analyzing bearing condition and lubrication state.

MHC - 1000 series sensors are suitable for use with coaxial cable lengths up to 20 meters.

MHC 2000 Series Sensors for Permanent Installation with 10/24 VDC phantom drive

MHC - 3000 series sensors are suitable for coaxial cable lengths up to 100 meters.

The MHC 4000 Series Sensors from Parker Kittiwake's Holroyd range are a development in smart AE sensors for fixed installations and incorporating proven MHC technology.

The MHC on-line acoustic sensors are DIN rail mounting modules that provide a means of continuous condition based maintenance in either Standard or Super Slo signal processing modes.

Unexpected stops of machinery and unplanned repairs can be costly, so continuous and permanent monitoring of machine condition leads to correct procedures before machine failure, thus reducing overall costs of repairs.

The combination of 3000 series sensors with an MHC Node (or Nodes), an MHC Point unit and an MHC View unit produces a powerful Condition Monitoring capability for monitoring rotating machinery. The user interface is accessed via the end users.

A comprehensive range of spares and accessories to ease installation and maintain your monitoring capability in the longer term.

A full functionality route mode software package for use with the MHC-Memo Pro instrument.