MHC - 2000 series sensors

(permanently installed sensors with 10 V phantom drive)


The versatile MHC - 2000 series of permanently installed AE sensors are designed for compatibility with:

-          MHC-MEMO range of On-Site Condition Monitoring instruments

-          MHC-Point/Std and MHC-Point/Slo

-          SIMPAL Node/2000.

They are suitable for coaxial cable lengths up to 20 meters. Extended temperature ranges are available with the coding 21XX.

   2010               LP                                    Low profile sensor

   2011               LP            /DP                 Dip coated low profile

   2015               LP            /Tab                Low Profile with Tab mount

   2016               LP/Tab     /DP                Dip Coated Low Profile with Tab mount

   2020               CP                                  Cylindrical Profile2021CP/DPCylindrical Profile Dip coated

   2022               CP             /WP              Cylindrical Profile Waterproof Potted

   20XX                                                      XX standard temperature range sensors itemised above

   21XX                                                       XX sensor variants as abnove but with ET extended temp range

Key Features

  • 10V phantom drive
  • Application-specific coating options

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