MHC - 4000 series sensors

(sensors with pre-processed outputs)

The MHC - 4000 series of AE sensors are of an advanced design that incorporates signal processing and alarm functions in addition to the usual AE transducer and signal conditioning electronics. Designed for permanent installation on rotating machinery the outputs of 4000 series sensors are suitable for straightforward connection to third party infrastructure such as PLC’s and SCADA systems without the need for additional signal processing units.

   FG-H21404-KH        Smart Std                Standard Mode smart sensor dip coated, 10 m cable

   FG-H21414-KH        Smart Slo                 Super S4lo mode smart sensor dip coated, 10 m cable

   FG-H21424-KH       Sigma                       Dip coated intelligent sensor for monitoring intermittent & short duration

                                                                           machine operations, 10 m cable

   FG-H21504-KH       Ultraspan                Dip coated Ultraspan Envelope Sensor for full spectral capture, 10 m cable

   FG-H25010-KH      Tab                            Optional Tab Mount for smart sensors


    FG-H25403-KH    Smart View                Smart USB interface plus software (requires Smart/RT interface)

    FG-H25401-KH     Smart/RT                   Smart Interface 2 way Junction Box

    FG-H25404-KH     Sigma Pro                  Waveform capture & analysis software for use with Sigma sensors

    FG-H25402-KH     Sigma Interface Unit         Sigma Interface 2 way Junction Box

   FG-H25406-KH       Sigma/RT                     Sigma USB interface plus Sigma View software


Key Features

  • Smart Sensors for Permanent Installation
  • Shaft Speeds above 30 RPM & 0.25 - 60 RPM
  • Sigma Sensors for Intermittant Operation

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