Bottles and Packs

Appropriate sampling bottles are very important for obtaining representative oil samples. 

All that is needed for bunker fuel system and consumables are available.

Artwork can be custom designed for bespoke products by our in-house graphics team

- 750 ml heavy duty HDPE fuel oil bottles and sample bottles.



Order Number         Description                       Volume      Material   Neck (mm)      Numbered     Quantity

FG-K3-210-KW     Kits of40 off with mailers     750 ml       HDPE          32              Yes (blue caps)    40

FG-K3-211-KW     Bulk supply                              750 ml        HDPE         32              Yes (blue caps)    70



Product code                      Part

FG-K26280-KW          IMO MARPOL Approved Fuel Sample Label

FG-K26783-KW          Label for Standard Fuel Sample (not Marpol approved)

FG-K17111-KW          750 ml Bottle Security Seal (pack of 100


Note: Mailer cartons only included in FG-K3-210-KW



Key Features

  • Complements other bunker fuel sampling systems.
  • Tamper evident seals and IATA approved mailing systems.

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