Lubricating Oil Sampling Equipment & Solutions  

We provide a lot of sampling equipment for all oil and fuel purposes, testing and analyzing. All this will help to keep your machinery in good condition.

And we can send you the parts you need quickly, through our storage depots around the world. And now our service covers over 50% of the world’s deep sea fleet.   

Our solutions include:

  •           Design lubricating oil /fuel lube sampling( package )
  •           Covered worldwide
  •           We can providing customers with a complete service of equipment and logistical support
  •           Supplying versatile extraction pumps and tubes.

We provide The following oil sampling pumps:
- FG-K11290 - Plastic body extraction pump for 28mm bottle neck (suits 50ml bottles)
- FG-K11289 – Plastic body extraction pump for 32mm bottle neck (suits 100ml bottle)
- FG-K16991 – Aluminium body extraction pump for 32mm bottle neck (suits 750ml bottle)
- PL-K10215 – Clean LDPE tubing, fits all pumps. Supplied in 15m rolls

All the bottles are designed to safely hold hot oil, and are easy to use.



 Product code                     Part

FG-K15005-KW            Grease sample pots (Fits ANALEX instrument range) -5ml

FG-K14646-KW            Sample vial for ANAEX fdMplus - 5ml

FG-K17123-KW            HDPE sample bottle (fits ANALEX fdMplus) - 50ml

FG-K3-207-KW            Clear PET sample bottle - 100ml PET

FG-K3-211-KW            HDPE sample bottle with tamper evident seal attachment - 750ml HDPE

FG-K14297-KW            Sample bottle labels(Fe free, will not interfere with ANALEX readings, customised to order, roll or fan fold )

FG-K17111-KW            Tamper evident sample sealfor - 750 ml bottles



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