Viscometer instrument from Parker

Heated Viscometer

Testing fuel and oil viscosity is very necessary to identify the grade of fuel is delivered.

The Heated Viscometer is convenient for viscosity tests for lub oil and residual fuel in all applications including diesel engines, gas and aeroplane turbines, gear boxes, hydraulics and marine fuels.

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When to use the Viscometer?

The heated viscometer is a portable instrument, which is designed specifically for On-Site use. The instrument is suitable for testing and monitoring the viscosity of fuel and oil unheated to 40°C and lubes and fuels heated to 40 °C or 50 °C, as well as for many industrial applications such as:

  • Diesel engines
  • Gas and aviation turbines
  • Gear boxes
  • Hydraulics and marine fuels. 

Moreover, the portable viscometer gives you the ability to test on-side, at the point of use, which enables you, the engineers, and the facilities managers to conduct oil analysis quickly and easily.

Viscometer from Parker with accessories

What features do you get?

  • Monitoring viscosity
  • Oil analysis made easy
  • Improve you productivity
  • Increase you uptime
  • Observation for all changes in lube and oil viscosity
  • Confirm correct fuel grade has been delivered
  • Calculate the combustion performance (CCAI)
  • Correct density from 50°C. to kg/m³ @ 15°C in vacuo.

The heated viscosity meter can be purchased alone or as part of a suite of testing equipment.

What is included when you buy?

The heated viscometer (FG-K1-200-KW) test kit includes:

  • Insolubles Test Cell
  • Electronic console
  • Reagens/ Consumables

All the equipment above is delivered in a robust metal case.

Viscometer Parker 1024X16x9
Ordering information (FG-K1-200-KW), Spares & consumables:
Product code



Spare Seals, Fuses and Balls


Viscometer Power supply


Viscometer End Plug


Viscometer End Cap


Viscometer 24v Power Lead

How does the Viscometer work?

The heated viscometer is measuring a specific temperature point.

Moreover, the instrument is designed to ‘Tilt’ from side to side in both directions, which makes the ball fall under gravity. This makes it possible to calculated the viscosity of the oil automatically.

Viscometer instrument from Parker
Viscometer from Parker with accessories
Viscometer Parker 1024X16x9
Viscometer instrument from Parker
Viscometer from Parker with accessories
Viscometer Parker 1024X16x9
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Technical Specifications

Typically within ±3% (20 - 450 cSt)


Fuel Oils and Lube Oils

  • Viscosity at 15°C or 40°C (heated)
  • Viscosity at 40°C (unheated, corrected to 40°C)
  • Viscosity at 100°C (calculated)
  • Calculated Aromaticity index (CCAI)
  • Density correlation from 50°C to 15°C in vacuo
  • Variable viscosity Index (for unheated mode)

ASTM D445, IP71


25 cm x 13 cm x 9 cm


110/240 VAC user selected


20 - 810 cSt at 50°C (ISO Fuel Grades RMA 10 to RMA 55), 20 - 810 cSt at 40°C (Lubricating Oils SAE5 through SAE50)

Test Time

Heating from 25°C in 10 mins, Viscosity at 40°C unheated 3 mins, Repeat tests 30 seconds maximum


10 kg

Specifications & Brochure

  • Datasheet - Portable Heated Viscometer - Parker Kittiwake
    English | pdf
  • Brochure - Oil Analysis Solutions - Parker Kittiwake
    English | pdf

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