On-Line Sensor Suite

Unique unit for monitoring in real-time the oil's condition, including contamination, water moisture content, and detection of metallic ferrous wear debris. The unit uses a piston pump to make frequent inspections of remote oil and machine health. All data can be streamed by any network system, thereby allowing remote condition monitoring. 

 Developed for easy installation close to the lubrication system of a machine. It can also be supplied with GPRS transmission and online webspace.

  Typical Applications :

 Wind Turbine Gearbox

 Features :

·         Tough design for most applications.

·         Low cost of purchase, ownership / annual servicing.

·         Can be installed and used in remote locations.

·         Controlling the wear rate to ensure a longer service life.

·         Increases the life time level of the machine between oil samples.



 Ambient operating temperature: 0°C to 70°C (32°F - 158°F)

Ambient operating temperature (Heated version)-20°C to 70°C (-4°F - 158°F)

Analogue Communication Interfaces4-20 mA

Detection0-2000 ppm [parts per million] Un-combined ferrous debris by weight, Oil Quality Units – Index Scale, 0-100% Relative Humidity, 10°C – 70°C Temperature

Digital Communication InterfacesRS232, RS485, CAN Bus

Fluid Compatibility: Petroleum, synthetic oils – not ester based.

IP ratingIP65

Max system fluid pressure: 10 Bar

Maximum fluid viscosity350 cSt @40°C

Permitted Fluid temperatures10°C to 70°C (50°F – 158°F)

Power consumption : 0.8 A

Power Input:18 – 30V DC

Weight15 kg



Part Number                Description

FG-K16521-KW         Standard Sensor Suite

FG-K16567-KW         Heated Sensor Suite


Key Features

  • Proactively monitoring
  • Easy straming sensor
  • Minimal servicing costs

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