On-Site Used Oil Analysis - Test Kits

1- DIGI Water in Oil test

  • DIGI El-Test cell /5 year battery life
  • Ranges 0-1%, 0-10%, 0-20%, 200-10000ppm
  • EasySHIP reagent packs for 50 tests

 2- DIGI BN (Base Number, formerly Total Base Number) test

  • Range: 5 - 100 BN
  • Appropriate for cilinder oils & system
  • EasySHIP reagent

3- DIGI Viscosity test.


  • Drop ball design for hydraulic or system oils
  • Reporting diectly in cSt at 40oC, 20-600 cSt

    -ECON Viscosity test.

    • Simple entry level comparitive viscosity stick
    • Go/No Go indication of viscosity changes within 1 SAE grade


    Lubricating oils, hydraulic oil, warm fuel oil

    Test Time:        1 - 10 minutes

    4- ECON Insolubles test.

    • Simple entry level comparative test for trending
    • Detect insolubles loading and residual dispersant availability
    • Also forms stand alone reagent pack for 25 tests

    5-ECON Salt test. 


    • Simple entry level comparative test for go/no go
    • Determines if water contamination is salt or fresh
    • Also forms stand alone reagent pack for 25 tests

    6- DIGI Hydraulic Test

    • visually test for hydraulic oil contamination
    • Wear metals, silica and dust, fibres and water contamination
    • Qualitative results
    • 100 tests per replacement patch paper pack



     7-ECON AN (Acid Number, formerly Total Acid Number) tes

    ·         Simple entry level test for AN in Hydraulic and gear oils

    ·         Provides quantative results for AN (0-6 TAN range)

    ·         Reagent pack (50 tests)




     Customer specific branding options available. 


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