Automated in-line, on time data on the performance of your ballast water treatment system

Ballast water treatment systems (BWTS ) are costly and their performance is difficult to measure. Continuous monitoring is a key component in performance analysis everywhere in shipping.  The bw monitor automatically and continuously surveys the functionality and efficacy of your BWTS directly in the ballast line. It monitors your ballasting process during treatment in due time for adjustments to be made. When aligned to your BWTS you can include it in your predictive maintenance system.

 The bw monitor works with all systems and all waters

The bw monitor is permanently installed onboard. It measures and reports on the performance of filters and the biological efficacy of the disinfection unit. The bw monitor automatically adjusts to the characteristics of the incoming water, and gives the operator an instant status indication of the BWTS . Our monitoring technology works with all BWTS and can be suitd to your specifications.

Sensor data

Size: Approx 150mm Ø x 350mm L

Weight: 22 kg (stainless steel)
Ballast pipe: 250mm
Installation: DN150 side flange
Sensor Input: 85 VAC to 264 VAC
Power supply: 230 VAC
Temperature: 0-65°C
Pressure: PN6 (Tested to PN10)


The bw-monitor is installed in two key locations of the vessel’s BWMS and compares ‘before’ and ‘after’ treatment levels. The positions are:

• before the filter unitand

• after the treatmentunit.

Both units have separate power supplies and are connected to the PLC of the vessel’s BWMS to start at ballasting and deballasting. The sensors’ data are stored and analysed in an accompanying PC. The bw-monitor can be fitted with a communication connection via internet to a central onshore data storage facility allowing for simple back up of data and for detailed analytical processes.

Key Features

  • In-line permanent measurement
  • Highly accurate
  • Simple installation

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