Insatech marine fuel flow meter consumption system

The Fuel Consumption System gives you great insight into your ships fuel consumption. Coriolis mass flow meters ensures an accuracy better than 0.3% of nominel flow measured directly in mass. By measuring the fuel consumption with high accuracy mass flow meters and using dedicated data acquisition and processing systems, the marine fuel consumption can be monitored and compared with position and speed as well as historical data. The insight into fuel consumption will help you determine the exact benefit of fuel saving actions / improvements as well as freeing man-hours for other important things.

Insatech Performance Monitoring System

The Performance Monitoring System (PMoS) is based on high accuracy measurements of key factors such as Fuel Consumption measured by mass flow meters, shaft power by Torque meter and generator output by power meters. The data is collected, displayed, stored and distributed automatically by the system, and can be used for monitoring of the performance of the vessel as is and over time. Basic Key Performance Indicator (KPI) values such as the Specific Fuel Oil Consumption and kg/Nm can be monitored, and combined with the experience the crew can gain from these data, new cost effective optimization projects can be implemented.

Use ship data for enhanced decision-making and cost reductions on ship and shore. For one vessel or the entire fleet.