VEGA Level switch - liquids

VEGASWING 51 is a reliable level guard based on the swing fork principle, where the frequency of the fork is dependent on the medium around it.

Typical applications will be overflow, overflow and dry run protection.

The compact design enables installation in machines, production processes, containers and pipelines - even where there is a minimum of space.

Possibility of process connection G3 / 4 "A ... G1" A and sanitary connections 1 "... 2"

Works independently of:

  • pressure
  • temperature
  • viscosity
  • density

Provides reliable measurement even under difficult conditions such as:

  • turbulence
  • foam
  • bubbles
  • sticky media

Integrated feature monitoring provides full security and includes:

  • Material coating on the swing fork
  • Breaking fork
  • Power failure or other interference that causes the fork to not vibrate

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