Mental Well-being 

We have a constant focus on ensuring a good, healthy and developing work environment - by offering our employees e.g. office exercise, health insurance and massage schemes.

In addition, we have a staff association whose committee's purpose is to promote the well-being and cohesion of our employees. Through this association, events are held where we cultivate unity across our departments - and ensure the best conditions for strengthening relationships and cooperation.

See a selection of our latest activities below.

A great summer day 

The ice cream truck from Enoe came by our office. We enjoyed the weather for a short while, talked and wished each other a great summer.

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Badminton 16 9

Badminton and mountain biking 

During the autumn and spring period, we have weekly badminton and mountain biking teams where our employees can duel, train and laugh together after work.

Healthiest Workplace in Region Zealand 2020

We were elected Region Zealand's Healthiest Workplace for our many health-promoting initiatives by the Danish Sports Confederation in 2020.

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Hjemmeside Gokart


Even though we work as one big "Team Insatech" in everyday life, we clearly become individualists when we meet in competitions and the battle for the trophy begins. For example at this event where we met in a duel on the go-kart track.

Massage scheme

Our employees have the weekly opportunity to make use of our massage scheme. The purpose is to contribute to the well-being of our employees and prevent e.g. shoulder and neck pain.

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Hjemmeside AM Dag

Exercise day

We participated in the Workplace's Exercise Day. It was neither graceful nor professional - just super fun. We ended the day with a communal toast and wished each other a happy autumn holiday.

Office exercise

As part of our work for a healthier everyday life, we spend 5-10 minutes every day on office exercise, consisting of either plank or exercises with resistance bands. The office exercise gives us:

  • Physical activity
  • Prevention of shoulder and neck pain
  • Community
  • Increased motivation

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Hjemmeside Tæl Skridt Ny

Counting steps

We have participated in Dansk firmaidræt's 'Count steps' campaign several times. Last time we participated, one of our teams got 1st place out of 1,400 teams nationally - with a daily average of 24,000 steps per team member. 

And as you can see, a little rain can't stop us! 

Virtual, Corona-friendly events

During the Corona pandemic, our social events was replaced by a virtual Friday bar, where we could check in every week for banko, "after ski" and beer tasting.

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