Actuators are used to open and close valves. They can use different activation methods for example electric current, hydraulic pressure or pneumatic pressure. Actuators are usually used for automation or automatic control purposes. We deliver both pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators.

Ghibson Actuator pneumatic

Ghibson - Pneumatic actuators

Double and single acting actuators for valves with 90 ° rotation. The side stops can be adjusted by ± 10 ° so that max. rotation is max 110 ° and min. Is 70 °. However, can be changed to higher or lower on request. The actuators are lifetime lubricated.

Ghibson Emergency gearbox Actuators

Ghibson - Emergency gearbox for pneumatic actuators

It is possible to mount a gearbox between actuator and valve, which can be used in emergency situations, eg. in the absence of compressed air. The gearbox is disconnected during normal operation and can be quickly activated by means of a handle so that the handwheel of the gearbox can be operated.

169 Medium Ghibson Actuator Bernard (1)

Ghibson - Electric Actuators - Bernard

Electric actuator from Ghibson, adapted to their butterfly valves and ball valves. Media temperature from -20 ° C to + 70 °C and protection class IP 67 (IP 68 on request).

169 Medium Ghibson Actuator NA

Ghibson - Electric Actuators - NA

Quarter-turn electric actuator "NA series" is designed to operate ball valves and butterfly valves. The actuator is strong and robust.

169 Medium Ghibson Actuator ARES

Ghibson - Hydraulic actuators

Ghibson’s own manufactured hydraulic actuators (ARES series) are designed to fulfill the specific requirement in industrial applications: compact design and high performance are the main characteristicsof this product range.

169 Sa 10 2

AUMA - valve and machine actuators

AUMA has a generally modular product concept. From a wide range of modules, you can tailor actuators for any application. Clear interfaces between the individual components make it possible to utilize the many variants - always with high demands on the quality of the products and the ease of use of the AUMA actuators.

169 Compact2 E1500368004832

Habonim - Compact ™ pneumatic actuators

The Compact ™ actuator from Habonim, with its 4-piston design and short piston travel, ensures a fast-acting actuator. The compact design is space-saving and results in approx. double torque versus a corresponding 2-piston actuator. Thus, the same torque can be achieved with a smaller actuator from Habonim, which lowers air consumption per activation.

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