A range of ballast water tests and measuring solutions. high end bacteria measurement with a portable device on ballast water, to simple test kits and even the first seen online ballast water measuring sensor.

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Online Ballast Water Monitor 169
Water test kit

bw monitor - Online Ballast Water Monitor

Automated in-line, on time data on the performance of your ballast water treatment system. This in-line ballast water monitor continously measures the prescence of phytoplankton.

Ballast Water Test Kit 169
Water test kit

Ballast Water Test Kit

The Ballast Water Test Kit is a cost effective pass/fail test kit, that provides the crew on board with the possibility to monitor efficiency and functionality of the vessel’s Ballast Water Treatment System, all according to regulations and requirements (D-1 & D-2), incl. US Coast Guard. Content can be modified according to your needs.

Fastballast 169
Water test kit

Portable Ballast Water Treatment System

The FastBallast from Chelsea Technologies Group is a high accuracy, battery powered, portable Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) monitor, which can be used to determine whether or not the BWT on board is compliant in its performance.

Purestream 169
Water test kit

Atlantium - Purestream

Atlantium’s Ballast Water Treatment System is a one of a kind system, featuring full functionality with minimum retention time under all water conditions, unpara-lelled power performance for an UV system and the IMO approved One-Pass™ operation. With One-Pass™, the ballast water is only treated during intake and is hereafter treated and ready for deballasting - with zero retention time.

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Ballast Water Measurements

Discharge of ballast water is controlled by regulation. With Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) being the latest major regulation requirement, great efforts are made to prevent spread of contamination and transfer of aquatic species. The IMO Ballast Water Management Convention (BWM) states, that all vessels above a certain size and below a certain age, must implement, operate and ensure compliance with BWT in both a human health and performance aspect, according to the D2 and D3 standards. BWM implements the possibility to self-monitor by implementing measurement and testing equipment on board and recording periodic results of tests.

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