Fluid cleanliness is critical to the reliability of machinery, and particle contamination in fluid accelerates wear of system components. And now contamination monitoring is possible during application operation

Read about Particle Counters/Fluid Cleanliness

Particle Counters/Fluid Cleanliness

Parker icount LaserCM30 particle contamination monitoring

The Parker icountLCM30 is a particle contamination monitoring solution that measures the cleanliness of oil - in just 90 seconds.

Insatech Parker Icount PD DIG
Particle Counters/Fluid Cleanliness

iCountPD Inline Particle Detector

The iCountPD Inline Particle Detector is an innovative product and the lastest technology in solid particle detection, with a dynamic design, for use in all applications.

Åben Parker Icount Oil Sampler IOS Partikelmåler
Particle Counters/Fluid Cleanliness

iCount Oil Sampler (IOS) Portable Particle Monitor

A compact and robust unit, for measuring the quality of hydraulic oil in different applications. It uses laser detection technology for fast contamination detection.

Insatech Parker Oilcheck Monitor
Particle Counters/Fluid Cleanliness

Parker Kittiwake OilCheck Hand Held Monitor

A handheld monitor offering a numerical display to visualize the negative or positive increase in the dielectrics. Ideal for fleet owners, garages and DIY mechanics.

Waterscan Parker
Particle Counters/Fluid Cleanliness

WaterSCAN - Total Water & Soot Sensor

Monitoring continuously the total water and soot contamination in the lube system. Enables you to monitor the water ingress and soot levels and correct the problem immediately.

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Paticle Counters / Fluid Cleanliness

Many of the hydraulic systems on board are critical to the operation of a vessel. Maintaining the hydraulic oil system is therefore key to avoiding breakdowns and unplanned maintenance. By implementing particle detection of your hydraulics oil, you can detect any contamination in your system that could lead to problems. With our variety of particle counters, we can help you whether you want periodical spot-checks or continuous monitoring.

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