From thought to finished solution

We have helped ship owners and operators with a wide variety of projects such as data collection, monitoring, and optimization. Our project team can help you analyze the problem and uncover your needs, after which we can help tailor a solution for your ship. Lastly, we can help you install, commission and service your new system.

We can help you realize both small and big projects. With smaller projects we can produce your system in-house and if you have a large project with several ships our project partners help us scale up production and implementation.

Our production consists of a:

  • Mechanical workshop where we can cut, bend, weld etc.
  • Electrical workshop where we can build and test e.g. control cabinets
  • Project department that can program and design functionality, interfaces, servers and more

If you want to know more, check out how we would run your project.

How we engineer your solution

We have helped

  • Cruise ships monitor fuel consumption optimizations before and after an engine retrofit by installing flow meters
  • Mechant vessels with consumer optimization of engines and boilers by installing our performance monitoring system, giving the crew the insight to save fuel and money
  • Barges with bunker blending systems that was able to blend fuel to a specific viscosity that meets ISO 8217
  • Vessels with ODME supply, installation, calibration, maintenance, and spare parts so they are complying with legislation
  • Ships with preventive maintenance by delivering condition monitoring equipment that helped them analyze scrape down oil for ferrous wear and water.

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