Various instruments and products used to measure and control a long list of vessel lube oil applications. The measurements range from ferroues wear debris, total base number, water in oil even direct measurement of fuel quality through our online sensors.

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Ferrous Wear Meter
Lube Oil Measurements

Parker Kittiwake Ferrous Wear Meter

A small portable magnetometric device with a LCD screen, for analysis of oil samples and detecting metal particles. Easy to use on board results in 2 seconds.

Parker Kittiwake Cold Corrosion Test Kit
Lube Oil Measurements

Cold Corrosion Test Kit - Parker Kittiwake

The Cold Corrosion Test Kit is a good way to accurately analyze the level of corrosive elements in cylinder oil, which can prevent serious damage. The kit gives a result within 5 minutes and you avoid sending the sample to a laboratory.

Digi Plus Test Kits
Oil Measurements

DIGI Plus Test Kits

A complete, economic, oil analysis kit used for measuring and monitoring the water in oil content for industry, marine and offshore equipment, with the ability to test on-site and enable you to conduct oil analysis quickly and easily. Tests use EasySHIP Non-Hazardous reagents.

Reagenpacks Parkerkittiwake 1024 Square
Water Test Kits

Parker Kittiwake Reagent Packs

Fuel and Lube Test Kits use chemical reagents to test the oil. As you use the test kits these will, thus, be consumed and need replacement.

Economy Total Iron Kit 1
Lube Oil Measurements

Parker Kittiwake Economy Total Iron Kit

Economical solution kit. Allows the user to get an accurate picture of the iron level in the cylinder oil, in minutes, by using a color matching test.

Metallic Waer Debris Sensor
Lube Oil Measurements

Parker Kittiwake On-Line Metallic Wear Debris Sensor

A sensor with magnetometry combined using smart algorithm to detect a particle size, speciation, distribution and count with an unbeatable detection range.

Fluid Condition Sensor
Lube Oil Measurements

Parker Kittiwake Fluid Condition Sensor

Monitor fuel dilution, soot ingress and contamination of oils and fluids using one online sensor — the only one of its type to measure nS/m conductivity.

Parker Kittiwake Linerscan
Lube Oil Measurements

LinerSCAN - Cylinder Liner Monitor

LinerSCAN monitors effectively, in real-time, heavily polluted and viscous flow of drain oil, and optimizes the lubricant feed rate on board before the problem occurs

Hydraulic Particles Test Kit
Lube Oil Measurements

Hydraulic Particles Test / Analysis Kit

A small self-contained case to analysis the hydraulic system and detect the contamination by metallic and non-metallic contaminants.

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Lube Oil Measurements

Lube oil analysis is an efficient way to monitor the condition of machinery. Wear on cylinder lining as well as impurities in the lube oil are easily checked with the right equipment either periodically or continuously. With the correct lube oil condition monitoring on board you can efficiently forecast the need for oil replenishments, oil changes, wear part replacement and general maintenance as well as optimize correlated planning. It is even possible to predict mechanical failure before it happens. Some of the products in our portfolio can provide you with measurements of ferrous wear, water in oil, cold corrosion and base number (TBN).

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