Success with employees in flex jobs

Employees in flex jobs make a big difference at Insatech. We have talked to Michael and Nicklas, who are two of our four flexjobbers, who both see the job at Insatech as a great opportunity to maintain their contact with the job market.

Back in February 2019, Michael Rasmussen was employed as an electrical cabinet builder, 8-16 hours a week, at Insatech. Michael is a trained electrician but was struck by a small brain haemorrhage about three years ago.

After his rehabilitation, Michael has recovered from most of the after-effects, but increased fatigue and a squint on his right eye means he has difficulty looking to the corners of his eyes. This makes it difficult for Michael to climb ladders and perform the electrician tasks that his previous job required. Therefore, Michael started looking for a flex job. Michael says:

After my brain haemorrhage, I had almost given up on finding a flex job within my education, but the local carpenter, who I knew from before referred me to Insatech, and at Insatech I feel I can continue to use my education.

In addition, Michael says that the reason why the flex job suits him so well, is the adjustable worktables that make it possible to get the work in a position that is optimal for his sight, which means that he is still able to perform electrician tasks, which is very important to him.

Started as an intern

Nicklas Henriksen is also employed in a flex job at Insatech. Nicklas is autistic and started back in February 2018, as an intern in our Marine Department. At this time, Nicklas started with two hours a week, but his unique development, a longer investigation process for a flex job and flexible working hours have meant that Nicklas has now been hired as an IT developer and works 18 hours a week, on equal terms as his other colleagues.

Nicklas' tasks include software development and graphic visualization within our marine department's performance systems as well as server administration for our IT department. Nicklas has a unique ability to immerse himself and an IT knowledge that several of his colleague’s envy - which is why Nicklas is very important for the work in our Marine Department. For Nicklas, joining Insatech also means a lot:

I cannot put into words what it has meant for me to be employed at Insatech. It has really meant everything, both for the people around me and for my future - everything is better now, and I no longer feel insecure.

Nicklas adds that in his time at Insatech he has also been able to feel his own development:

Insatech is a good place for me. I have been able to feel my own development and my colleagues are good at listening to me if I have an idea - it is almost like getting into a family.

Our HR Manager, Lone Lund-Jacobsen, also clearly feels Nicklas’ development

It has been fantastic for me to experience Nicklas development both personally and professionally - and based on his success, we have hired an intern, with Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD.

Gives lectures about his story

Nicklas has also given talks about his experiences to young people in the same situation, at the Autism Association in Vordingborg. At Insatech, we are incredibly pleased with the efforts of both Nicklas, Michael and our other flexjobbers and consider their work to be very valuable for our company.

We also have student assistants, trainees and interns employed.

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