Our Bunker Flow Meter solutions are for vessels and use Coriolis mass flow meters to precisely measure bunker received and delivered.

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Fuel & performance

Insatech Bunker Management System

Insatech Marine’s Bunker Management System is developed, designed and constructed to act as a safeguard against manipulation of bunkered marine fuel oil as well as counteracting it. By using equipment and methods that deliver high accuracy inline and real-time measurement during bunker operations, any attempt by the bunker service to gain an economic advantage is detected. This ensures you have the upper hand in any possible disputes.

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Fuel & Performance

Insatech Bunker Blending System

The Bunker Blending solution will help you blend and deliver bunker fuel in the correct quality and in a well defined quantity. The solution uses flow meters based on the Coriolis principle, which provides you with a direct measurement of mass and density. This ensures delivery of bunker at any viscosity using the minimum but correct amount of gas oil. The bunker you deliver will therefor always meet the ISO 8217 requirements and both quantity and quality will be documented in an automatic bunker report.

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Marine Fuel Bunker Blending, Bunker Flow Meter & Management Systems

Delivery of bunker using volume based measurements e.g. sounding can become imprecise because many factors come into play when calculating the mass. Since fuel costs constitute between 50-70% of ship’s total operating costs even small differences in fuel quantity can become large costs for ship-owners and operators. Insatech has developed Bunker Management Systems, based on the Coriolis mass flow meter, for both vessel and bunker barge that always ensures that the right quality and quantity is received or delivered. We also deliver a Bunker Blending solution that ensures delivery of bunker at any viscosity using the minimum but correct amount of gas oil.

Bunker and Blending systems

Fuel is the greatest expenditure on board any commercial vessel, therefore any transfer of bunkers should be monitored and controlled. During bunkering there are several parameters that can directly affect the transferred fuel. By implementing solutions that enhance transparency of the bunker operation in its entirety, many potential transfer disagreements can be avoided as well as any subsequent legal disputes and loss of operation time.

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