With more that 70% of the earth’s surface covered with water, it is a ressource we need to protect. By implementing water testing equipment supplied by us you can be certain that you not only get what you need and must have, but also that you get products that work and provide value to your operation. In addition, to avoid the potential fines. 

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Aqua2 DUO Parkerwatermakers 1024 Square Front

Aqua2 Duo Compact Parker Watermakers

A compact, aluminum-framed watermaker providing potable water for drinking and cooking. Quiet, space-efficient, and offering system redundancy and easy installation in tight spaces.

Potable Water Test Kit 169
Water test kit

Potable Water Test Kit

As the crew’s health is a key factor to operate a vessel, it is essential that you can test the potable water for possible contamination efficiently and reliably. The cost effective Potable Water Test Kit is an easy to use test kit containing all necessary tests to document and monitor bacterial and chemical contents of the water used on board by crew. Content can be modified according to your needs.

Ballast Water Test Kit 169
Water test kit

Ballast Water Test Kit

The Ballast Water Test Kit is a cost effective pass/fail test kit, that provides the crew on board with the possibility to monitor efficiency and functionality of the vessel’s Ballast Water Treatment System, all according to regulations and requirements (D-1 & D-2), incl. US Coast Guard. Content can be modified according to your needs.

Sewage Water Test Kit 169
Water test kit

Sewage Effluent Test Kit

With the cost effective Sewage Water Test Kit, the crew on board can perform pass/fail test of the vessel’s sewage effluent. All tests are easy to perform and can be executed by the crew. Thereby, it is easily documented that all discharges are in compliance with relevant regulations. Content can be modified according to your needs.

Cooling Water Test Kit
Water test kit

Cooling Water Test Kit

Cooling water systems require consideration of scale formation, corrosion and microbiological contamination, affecting heat exchangers. Corrosion control is usually achieved through chemical treatment based on a number of different parameters including nitrite, molybdate and phosphorate. Monitoring of these factors is essential to prevent overdosing.

Cooling Water Test Kit
Water test kit

Boiler Water Test Kit

The most common issues with boilers and heating systems are scale formation and corrosion, resulting in reduced efficiency, safety and system life. It is therefore necessary to develop a maintenance and treatment regime to mitigate these effects, and the Boiler Water Test Kit can aid in this matter with simple and easy to perform tests of boiler water.

Legionella Test Kit 169
Water test kit

Legionella Test Kit

Laboratory analysis can take up to 14 days to obtain the results. Both our Legionella test kits are very quick and effective to deliver results for the presence of legionella bacteria in minutes instead of days (within 35 minutes).

Fastballast 169
Water test kit

Portable Ballast Water Treatment System

The FastBallast from Chelsea Technologies Group is a high accuracy, battery powered, portable Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) monitor, which can be used to determine whether or not the BWT on board is compliant in its performance.

Test Kit 1 Insatech 1024 1X1 Front
Water test kit

Produced Foam Test Kit

The Produced Foam Test Kit makes it easy for you to do foam testing and calibration. This cutting-edge test kit is meticulously crafted for the validation, testing, and calibration of firefighting foam induction systems, making it an indispensable tool for fire safety professionals.

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Water Testing

Water is Essential to Life – and to the Shipping Industry

The operation of a vessel is deeply dependent on water – and not only for buoyancy! Water has many uses on board, from drinking water for the crew, to cooking, washing, cleaning, cooling  and heating. Using water on board is in other words essential and necessary. But with use comes  contamination and waste, as the water needs to be cleaned, exchanged or disposed after use.  This fact has resulted in globally ratified regulations on how water should be treated, either before  disposal or before, consumption or use in the galley. Depending on the use of the water, different limits for content of particulates, chemicals and biological matter are defined, and often it is also  a regulatory requirement that the used water is monitored for these contaminants. Depending on the regulations, the port state and water use, a situation with non-compliance could lead to fines  or worse; the risk of health and life.

A Test Kit for Every Need

More or less regardless how the water is used and under which regulations it is governed, we can provide a means to test for compliance. From the more advanced state of the art and automated analyzing units to cost-friendly easy-to-use test kits, we are able to assist.

As environment, health and safety are continously evolving subjects, where new research leads to new requirements and restrictions, we are also continuously expanding our product portfolio within the water testing segment and adding new testing equipment as it becomes relevant. By choosing reliable and proven testing equipment, we can be your one-stop supplier of all water-related testing equipment, and in case there is something that you wish to test that is not in our portfolio, we are happy to help and find exactly what you are looking for.

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