Nautilus Labs

Real-time, high frequency data for better insights and decisions into a vessel, leg, or voyage–while underway. Course correct, collaborate across commercial and technical teams, and optimize for specific outcomes.

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nauticAi is a Finnish maritime IT-startup specialising in affordable Operational awareness solutions. nauticAi technology is used for automated quality assurance and risk management (BOQA), real-time situational awareness and chartering/operations.

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Frugal Technologies

Frugal Technologies provides ship owners a competitive lead in propulsion efficiency and greener shipping ahead of regulations.

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As the industry leader in maritime data analytics, ioCurrents leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence, giving your crews and shoreside personnel a live view of vessel operations. Take the opportunity to make datadriven decisions.

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DanelecConnect provides a complete ship-2-shore data automation solution in just a few steps and is quickly becoming the reference in the field of maritime IoT. It brings maritime digitalization into the mainstream and is the result of Danelec’s two decades of expertise within vessel data collection as a leading Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) manufacturer.

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