We can offer a long range of magnetic flow meters, so we can find an exact fit for your application. The magnetic flow meters are very versatile flow meters which can be used in all industries and for most applications with liquids that has a certain range of conductivity such as water, chemicals etc. The flow meters comes in all sizes, materials and configurations to fit your application. 

QS100 Flomec 1024 Square
Magnetic Flow Meters

QS100 Turf Irrigation Flow Sensor

The Ultrasonic Turf Irrigation Flow Sensor in the QS100 Series from Flomec has no moving parts or flow restrictions, which makes it almost indestructible.

QS200 Insertion Flomec 1024 Square
Magnetic Flow Meters

QS200 Turf Irrigation Flow Sensor

The Insertion Ultrasonic Flow Sensor in the QS200 Series from Flomec provides a highly accurate reading of liquid flow rate and accumulated flow. Range: 0,03 to 4,6 m/s

QS200 Saddle Flomec 2 1024 Square (1)
Magnetic Flow Meters

QS200 Insertion Ultrasonic Flow Meter Saddle

The Insertion Ultrasonic Flow Meter in the QS200 series from Flomec has exclusively designed saddles in 6, 8, 10, and 12 inch. This Flowmeter is highly accurate when displaying your flow rate and accumulated total.

QSE Flomec 6 1024 Square
Magnetic Flow Meters

QSE Mag Flow Meter

The QSE Mag Series from Flomec is a reliable and highly accurate electromagnetic flow meter, which is designed for monitoring flow and usage in for example commercial applications. Range: 0,632 - 2271,25 L/min

DP Series Flomec 1024 Square
Magnetic Flow Meters

DP Series Insertion Impeller Meters

The DP Series Insertion Flowmeters from Flomec are cost-effective stainless steel meters that meassure the flow of water, fuels, and other low viscosity liquids.

TMQ Flomec 1024 Square Front
Magnetic Flow Meters

TMQ Series Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The TMQ series from Flomec is an ultrasonic flow meter with a Q9 display, which is engineered to deliver better performance, higher quality, and lower costs. Moreover, it is available with Saddle and Tee.

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