169 Kytola Oilcol

Kytola OILCOL Oil Colour Analyzer

The Kytola OILCOL oil colour analyzer is specifically designed for fast, accurate and real time measurement of the ASTM D1500 color value of oil. It is the perfect maintenance free solution for quality control and helps you prevent machine failure.

Economy Total Iron Kit 1
Lube Oil Measurements

Parker Kittiwake Economy Total Iron Kit

Economical solution kit. Allows the user to get an accurate picture of the iron level in the cylinder oil, in minutes, by using a color matching test.

Metallic Waer Debris Sensor
Lube Oil Measurements

Parker Kittiwake On-Line Metallic Wear Debris Sensor

A sensor with magnetometry combined using smart algorithm to detect a particle size, speciation, distribution and count with an unbeatable detection range.

Parker Kittiwake Linerscan
Lube Oil Measurements

LinerSCAN - Cylinder Liner Monitor

LinerSCAN monitors effectively, in real-time, heavily polluted and viscous flow of drain oil, and optimizes the lubricant feed rate on board before the problem occurs

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