Ball valves in many different materials, pressure steps and sizes. For several media and temperatures. Manual or actuator (electric, pneumatic or hydraulic) operated

169 Cryogenic Catalog E
Ball Valve

Habonim - Cryogenic ball valves

The cryogenic ball valve from Habonim can be installed at an angle up to 45 ° and with an upstream pressure equalization hole in the ball, Habonim ensures that no pressure builds up due to heat expansion. The valve is clearly the direction mark, which provides an easy installation.

169 Three Piece Catalog E
Ball Valve

Habonim - 3-part ball valve

Habonim line of 3-piece ball valves is engineered for endurance and meet the most demanding industrial and international standards. The 47 series, is designed and manufactured for applications with high-flow capacity and tight shutoff, to ensure reliability and functionality.

169 High Pressure Catalog E
Ball Valve

Habonim - High pressure ball valve

The high pressure ball valve from Habonim is based on a floating ball valve technology, specially built for endurance and reliability with a design pressure of up to ANSI Class 2500 (414 bar / 6000 psi). As standard, the high pressure series is made from forged or rolled bar material.

169 Metal To Metal Catalog E
Ball Valve

Habonim - Metal seated ball valves

Metal seated ball valves from Habomim excels in the harshest industrial environments, where valve failures can damage plant efficiency, reduce profitability and endanger safety. Habonim’s meticulously engineered metal seated valve can withstand the harshest applications and process conditions, including extreme high temperature, high pressure and abrasive medium.

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