Acoustic emission equipment is an important part of the larger range of condition monitoring products. And Parker Kittiwake produce acoustic emission products with the highest standard, for use in industrial applications.

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Memo Pro Parker
Acoustic/Vibration Monitoring

MHC-Memo Pro Kittiwake Holroyd

The Memo Pro is a top of the range hand-held device, featuring enhanced analysis capability, for those looking for an instrument to assist their condition monitoring program. The Memo Pro provides information related to the mechanical condition of rotating machinery.

MHC Bearing Checker
Acoustic/Vibration Monitoring

MHC Bearing Checker Kittiwake Holroyd

The MHC Bearing Checker is a unique hand-held instrument that provides maintenance engineers with a quick and easy method to analyze bearing condition and lubrication state.

Group Vibration Sensor
Acoustic/Vibration Monitoring

Vibration Sensors from IKM Instrutek AS

Convential high quality accelerometer. These sensors are also available in a wireless configuration. Range: 0-100 mm/sec.

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Acoustic / Vibration monitoring

Acoustic emission is a term that covers vibration caused by rotating machinery. Condition monitoring by acoustic emission analysis is an effective and non-destructive way of getting an insight into the health of the machinery on board. With the analysis equipment you can determine if you are using enough lubrication, have a shaft misalignment or even the condition of bearings. Acoustic emissions analysis is particularly efficient when it comes to early detection of faults, giving the crew time to act before a critical failure. Vibration in general is one of the main stress factors on board a vessel and monitoring it continuously can prove valuable when planning maintenance and selecting new hardware.

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