Insatech EESIFLO Easz2 Online Water In Oil 2 16 9

EESIFLO EASZ-2 online water in oil / fuel analyser

EASZ-2 is an online water in oil / fuel analyser that continuously monitors the water content in oil and fuel. The monitoring can help you catch water contamination, which can help prevent equipment malfunction, corrosion, component wear and more. The analyser gives you a visual indication of water content and has backlights for alarm limits / conditions (green, amber and red).

169 Kytola Oilan A4

Kytola OILAN Water In Oil Analyzer

The Kytola OILAN A4 is an online oil water content analyzer which instantly shows changes in the lubrication oil water content. It detects water leaks in their early stages and helps to prevent expensive failures and down time of the lubricated machinery and equipment. OILAN A4 is therefor an excellent instrument for supporting preventative maintenance.

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