Shaft Power Limiters are a part of the MARPOL EEXI regulations and is used to limit the power output of a ship's propulsion system thereby reducing carbon emissions. We have type approved and OMM book certified solutions that can help you meet regulations.

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Shaft Power Limiter

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The ShaPoLi ECO 8 uses an existing torque meter to limit the shaft power of your ship, thereby reducing the CO2 emissions in accordance with the IMO EEXI regulation. ECO 8 will help you monitor and record the shaft power and set the power limitations using any output signal. The solution has several type approval and OMM book certifications making it an obvious choice for your vessel.

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What is a Shaft Power Limiter

A shaft power limiter (ShaPoLi), also known as a non-overridable power limitation (NOPL), is a system that limits the power output of a ship's propulsion system to a maximum level that is determined by its Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) value. The purpose of a shaft power limiter is to ensure that the ship operates within its EEXI limits and does not exceed its calculated maximum power output. The system may use various sensors and control mechanisms to adjust the engine's power output and ensure that it remains within the permitted range. Shaft power limiters are required for ships that are subject to the EEXI regulations under the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) amendments to the MARPOL Annex VI convention.

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