sddfault Reduce your OPEX by optimizing performance

Reduce your OPEX by optimizing performance

Monitoring your vessels performance gives you the necessary insigth into the daily operation of your ship and turns auto log data into valuable descision support that saves you money.

Sddefault The Measurement Of Water Content

The measurement of water content (H2O) and residual base number (BN) in marine lubricants

New Product Launch: Using Parker’s NEW DIGI+ test cell, incorporating new features and innovative new display and software features.

Sddefault The Meausurement Of Abrasive Iron Content

The measurement of abrasive iron content in 2 stroke marine diesel engine scrape down cylinder oil

Using Parker's Ferrous Wear Meter + (FWM+) and ancillary uses for lubricants and greases.

169 Marineforsidebillede

Ensure you get what you pay for when bunkering

Discover the value of having a proactive tool monitoring bunker operations and giving alarm if density drops.

Sddefault The Most Accurate And Reliable Fuel Measurement Sensor

The most accurate and reliable fuel measurement sensor

Learn about the benefits of Coriolis mass flow meters compared to traditional mechanical flow meters and why this is the preferred fuel flow meter today.

Sddefault Webinar

The measurement of sulphur content in marine fuels and the measurement of engine lubricant wear metals

Using Parker's X-Ray Fluorescent instrument (XRF).

Coriolis Masseflow

The Coriolis Effect

The Coriolis effect explained and how it is used in mass flow measurement. Such measuring has industrial application in the Maritime industri, where it is used to ensure bunkering operations by securing the measurement of marine fuel oil. Bunkering operations that may otherwise be tampered with.

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