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Uni-Tankers Documents the Impact of Optimization Initiatives 

In 2011 Insatech Marine initiated a collaboration with Uni-Tankers as their advisor and component supplier. Uni-Tankers is known for their innovative approach to ship operations and their constant pursuit of optimizations, like using special paint on the hull and many other optimization projects – and the only way to get insights into the effect of these initiatives is to measure fuel consumption.

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Case Story

From Classroom to Industry: How Our Company's Equipment Enables Students to Master Oil Quality Testing

At Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering, they always strive to provide the best possible education to their students, and therefore, they also prepare the students for the challenges they may encounter after completing their studies, whether they end up in a job on land or at sea.

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IMO-approved solution helps transformer station save time and costs when discharging sewage water

Wind parks are connected via an offshore transformer station, which transports the power through a land-based cable. Storms and heavy rain make it difficult to avoid accumulations of sewage water on the platform. To meet the IMO standards and ensure that contaminated water is not discharged, we have helped several of our customers with an IMO-approved solution from Brannstrom. 

Case Story
Case Story

Insatech Marine Solution Helps Shipping Line Reduce Fuel Consumption

Since 2014 Insatech Marine has installed more than 1,500 mass flow meters and data collection on 200+ vessels for an international shipping line to give a more detailed insight into the vessels fuel consumption to save cost and reduce their CO2-emission.

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Insatech Marine makes testing of ballast water easier

Our customer has found a way to avoid long waiting times, logistical considerations, and expensive solutions! With Insatech Marine's ballast water test kit, our customer can easily test and document their discharge from the ballast water treatment system - all according to regulations and requirements. So, there is no need for a laboratory anymore.

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Case Story

Discover how we helped DFDS justify their optimization investments!

In an optimization project regarding DFDS’ propulsion system, we were selected as a supplier of our Performance Monitoring System consisting of Coriolis flow and torque meters. Our prior experience with a similar project for another shipping line contributed to DFDS’ selection of us as their partner.

sddfault Reduce your OPEX by optimizing performance

Reduce your OPEX by optimizing performance

Monitoring your vessels performance gives you the necessary insigth into the daily operation of your ship and turns auto log data into valuable descision support that saves you money.

Sddefault The Measurement Of Water Content

The measurement of water content (H2O) and residual base number (BN) in marine lubricants

New Product Launch: Using Parker’s NEW DIGI+ test cell, incorporating new features and innovative new display and software features.

Sddefault The Meausurement Of Abrasive Iron Content

The measurement of abrasive iron content in 2 stroke marine diesel engine scrape down cylinder oil

Using Parker's Ferrous Wear Meter + (FWM+) and ancillary uses for lubricants and greases.

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