There are many ways of delivering a turnkey solution and below we have tried to explain how we deliver one of our larger systems. The project model used below is the same we would use for most turnkey solutions and parts of the model can be left out if it is not needed for your project.

If you are planning to have a larger solution made, there is a lot of decision making involved to tailor the solution to your needs. We call these larger solutions for projects, and below you can read more about how we handle a project from initial contact to final delivery and beyond:

Presenting the possibilities

When you have found a solution, you are interested in we can set up an initial meeting either via the internet or in person. One of our sales representatives will present the solution and the different possibilities you have, to tailor it to your needs. You will be able to discuss it in detail and ask any questions you may have.

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Finding the right solution for you

After the initial presentation, we will have one or more technical meetings to find the right solution for you. For example, if you are looking to buy a Performance Monitoring System, then we need to discuss what data points you already have and what data points you are looking to add. One of the data points you might want to add could be fuel consumption. If that is the case, we would talk about what level of insight you want, because depending on the flow meters you choose the accuracy could be quite different. When we have found the right solution for you, we will move on to planning the installation.

Surveying your ships

We perform a survey on board to plan the installation of your new measurement points. We do this for two reasons; One is to find the right placement for the instrumentation so it complies with the manufacturers guidelines and two we know where everything goes, so we can prefabricate pipework, control cabinets and more which makes the installation faster and in return saves you money.

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Fabricating your tailor-made system

Once we have designed your system and measured your ship(s) we will start creating your new system. We can produce some pipework and bypasses in our own workshop and if there are a lot of ships, we might get help from one of our project partners. We usually design and assemble the control cabinets in-house as well as program any servers or displays you need. Once the system is finished and packed, we will ship it to a place of your choosing anywhere in the world.

Service and installation partners

1,200 m2 of production facilities

We have 1,200 m2 of productions facilities where we can produce, assemble and service your engineered solutions.

  • Electrical workshop
  • Metal workshop
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Pressure test facilities
  • Flow test facilities
  • Calibration facilities
  • Warehouse

Read more about our facilities

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Installation with no down-time

When it is time to install your new system, we can do it in several different ways for example, in a dry dock, as a sail along or as a hub installation. What is common for all of them is that it will not interfere with your daily operation. The installation is performed by a crew of specialized technicians from Insatech or one of our installation partners together with an Insatech supervisor. Depending on the situation your crew can have helped prepare by installing some of the components or running cables.

3 ways to install

Bringing your new system to life

During commissioning we will start up the system and make sure that all data is recorded and shown correctly on the displays as well as in the database. If you have chosen to send the data on shore as well, we will test that the connection can be established, and data can be transferred. Commissioning is usually performed in connection with the installation but can be planned at any time if this fits your schedule better.

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Training – maybe the most important part of your system

The most important part of a new system is the crew that uses it. If the crew does not know how or why they need to use the new system, it will not become the success you want it to be. That is why we offer training with all our system solutions.

Ready to service your system around the world

Even though we do our very best to deliver a high quality system at some point the hardware and software will need some service and maintenance. A lot of maintenance can be done via the internet as well as by updating the software and when the hardware needs maintenance our service technicians are ready to service the solution worldwide.

Our service team

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