We offer a various range of oil in water instrument for marine and offshore use. From your regular 15ppm bilge alarm to a dirty water application which could ocur on offshore vessel or platform. We also have a secure 15 ppm bilgealarm which is tamperproof if this sort of security is need onboard

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Insatech Brannstrom Bilge Monitor 15Ppm 16 9
Bilge & Wash Water

Brannstrom BilgMon488 Bilge Monitoring & 15 ppm Bilge Alarm

This no-hazzle 15 ppm Bilge Alarm used with the vessels water seperator is the perfect retrofit replacement. A minimum of components, compact design, an easy to change measuring cell and straight forward operation along with full IMO MEPC.107(49) Compliance makes this Bilge Alarm the preferred product for many vessels.

169 Greenmon Brannstrom
Bilge & Wash Water

GreenMon - Muddy/Dirty Water Oil Content Monitor

The GreenMon is a different instrument from the regular 15 ppm monitor. The instrument is mainly used for dirty water applications where the optical measuring principle of the regular 15 ppm instrument cannot be used.

Bilge & Wash Water

Brannstrom MasterTrack 588

This tamper proof system controls and monitors the oil content of the bilge water discharge, ensuring compliance with MARPOL 73/78, i.e. making sure the vessel does not exceed legal overboard discharge limits. This unit is required for vessels above 10,000 gross tons when operating in certain areas.

Smart Bilge Rivertrace 1024 Square
Bilge & Water Wash

Smart Bilge - 15 ppm oil content monitor

The Smart Bilge Alarm from Rivertrace is utilizing the “Smart Cell” Detector Array Technology, where the OCM analyses all three oil types; HFO, Diesel, and Emulsions, at the same time without any need for re-calibration.

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Bilge & Wash Water

Oil spills and oil discharge are some of the most well-known risks of operating a ship. Monitoring and recording the oil content of almost all discharged water is required to obtain an IOPP certificate. Ballast water from cargo tanks and wash water from cargo tanks must be sampled by an ODME [MEPC.108(49)] and all bilge water discharges must be monitored by a bilge water or 15ppm alarm [MEPC.107(49)] to avoid excessive oil in the discharge water. Insatech Marine is authorized to deliver, install and service some of the major brands of both ODME and 15 ppm alarms.

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