ODM HORN 1024 Square Front
MVE283 Series

HORN Oil Mist Detector

The Oil Mist Detector from HORN is a compact system, which can detect even the smallest changes in the oil concentration and is connected to the vessel’s automation security system. Moreover, this system can be retrofitted and mounted directly on the pipes for crankcase ventilation. Thus, no additional pipping is required in the assembly.

2 Stroke Bearing Monitoring HORN 1024 Square Front

HORN Empty Bearing Distance Monitoring System

The Bearing Monitoring System from HORN makes continuous surveillance of your engine in relation to the distance between the sensor and the cross hear in its lower dead point position, which is a measure of the bearing wear. One of the key benefits of the 2-stroke bearing monitoring system is improved reliability. By detecting potential issues early, operators can take proactive measures to prevent failures and minimize downtime.

CPS HORN 1024 Square Front

HORN Crank-Case Protection System

The Crank-Case Protection System (CPS) from HORN is specifically engineered to monitor the bearings of 4-stroke Diesel engines. By converting a thermoelectric measurement taken between the rotating shaft (e.g., using brushes) and the engine block, a signal known as the CPS signal is generated, which serves the purpose of monitoring the engine's condition.

TGL00942 HORN 1024 Square Front

HORN Cylinder Liner Temperature Measurement

The Cylinder Liner Temperature Measurement (CLTS) from HORN consists of the CLTS sensor TGL 00942 with an evaluation board in housing GHG 02731. This system continuously measures the temperature level of each liner in the marine engine aggregate.

TGL01431 HORN 1024 Square Front
Pressure Sensor

HORN Pressure Transmitter TGL014xxx

The pressure transmitter TGL014xxx from HORN is designed for measuring the absolute and gauge pressure of various liquids including gas and vapors. In general, the pressure sensor from HORN measures the pressure occurring in the engine compartment against the atmosphere. The piston defects can be detected by the means of this pressure measurement; thus, it is an essential variable in the assessment of the smooth operation of your engine.

FGL01406 1 HORN 1024 Square Front
Speed Sensor

HORN Speed sensor FGL 01620

The speed sensor FGL 01620 from HORN can be used both at extremely low speed, and almost full stop can be detected, and it is also applicable for highspeed rotations up to 20kHz frequency. It is a preferred sensor for offshore and marine purposes because of its vigorous stainless-steel design.

FRG00032 1024 Square Front
Water in Oil Sensor

HORN Water in Oil (WiO) system FRG00032

The Water in Oil system from HORN consists of a sensor FRG00032, a connection box GHG02088-5, a connection cable KSG03244-1, and three relay outputs. Additionally, to the basic standalone version, is the option to get an analogue output for water content and oil temperature, as well as an indicator box with analog indicator(s), operating devices, and an acoustic alarm.

FRG00035 HORN 1024 Square Front
Water in Oil Sensor

HORN New Generation WiO system FRG00035

The Water in Oil system from HORN consists of a sensor FRG00035, a main processing unit MPU010, or the connection box GHG02088-5. 

FGL1 16 Speed Sensor HORN 1024 Square Front
Inductive Pulse Sensor

Turbocharger speed sensor FGL 1/16

The speed sensor FGL 1/16 from Horn is composed of a metallic housing that contains the sensor components and, in some cases, the electronic components. This design ensures mechanical durability and prevents interference from external circuits.

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