double eccentric, softening, PTFE seat with or without coating and flue gas damper. Various variations e.g. wafer, lug and double flange

169 Double Eccentric BU E
Butterfly Valve

Ghibson - Butterfly Valve HD

The butterfly valves HD-series from Ghibson are high-performance valves, which are specifically designed for high-demanding applications where the valve performance is critical. This kind of valve is available in different materials and ratings.

169 Medium Ghibson Butterfly TT
Butterfly Valve

Ghibson - Butterfly valve TT

Ghibson PTFE seated butterfly valves TT series are available in a wide range of materials combinations, and are specifically designed for heavy duty applications and the chemical industry.  

169 Soft Seated EN
Butterfly Valve

Ghibson - Butterfly valve PD

Soft seated butterfly valves. The PD-series is designed for low pressure (max. 6/10 bar), produced in many different materials and avalieble with wafer (BVPD) and lug (BLPD) body.

169 Medium Ghibson Butterfly BVKI Gearbox
Butterfly Valve

Ghibson - Butterfly valve KI

KI-series butterfly valves from Ghibson are soft-seated valves designed for marine applications. They are available in wafer body, lug body, and double flange configurations and can also be used in vacuum environments, Maximum pressure rating of 16 bar.

169 Medium Ghibson Butterfly BVKA Billede
Butterfly Valve

Ghibson - Butterfly valve KA

KA-Series Soft seated butterfly valves are designed to meet with most industrial and maritime applications. Manufactured with sizes from DN 40- 800, pressures up to 20 bar and many different materials. To be used also with vacuum.

169 Medium Ghibson Butterflysoft
Butterfly Valve

Ghibson - Butterfly valve KX

The KX-series from Ghibson, are soft seated butterfly valves engineered to meet the demands of the marine industry. Available in both wafer body and lug body designs, with sizes from DN 50-250. A wide range of material options. The valves can be used with vacuum applications and feature a vulcanized body rubber seat.

169 Ghibson Butterflyhandlever BU E
Butterfly Valve

Ghibson - Handle for butterfly valves

Handles are normally only used up to and including DN 200, for larger sizes it is recommended to use gearboxes instead. The handles are available in either aluminum or stainless steel.

169 Medium Ghibson Butterflygear3
Butterfly Valve

Ghibson - Gearbox HW and AB

Ghibson's gearbox HW and AB are available in 2 different versions, model HW and model AB, and in standard sizes from DN 40 to DN 800. Other sizes on request.

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