The maximum allowed Sulphur content is as low as 1,000 ppm it has therefore become one of the most important characteristics of marine fuels. If your fuel contains more than the allowed threshold it could mean possible delays, disputes and even financial penalties. To ensure that the fuel is within the threshold you need equipment that can deliver close to lab quality results in order to minimize risks of false negatives/positives.

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Portable Sulfur Analyzer
Fuel Oil Measurements

Portable XRF Sulphur Analyser

A fully portable XRF device that gives you a laboratory grade sulfur level. The device only needs 10 ml fuel and 3 minutes to give you a four decimal result. No reagents or accurate sample sizes required, and with the push of a button it will give you the result. Range: >60 ppm.

Portable Sulfur In Fue Oil Analyser
Emissions & Discharge

Portable Sulfur in Fuel Oil Analyzer

All that you need for bunker sampling in one cabinet (bottles, tamper evident seals and cubitainers, pourers etc.)

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measurements in oils/fuels and other various parameters

Checking the fuel during delivery allowing ships personnel to verify that the Sulphur content shown on the bunker delivery note is correct, thus eliminating the risk of accidental non-compliance with an easy to use sulphur analyzer. To meet even further needs of the industry, Insatech offers Rigaku’s NEX QC Portable Sulfur in Fuel Oil Analyzer. It is a simple and versatile ECXRF analyzer for the analysis of sulfur and other elements in a wide variety of petroleum fuels, including bunker and diesel.

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