As process plants and equipment become more and more complex, it is necessary to have equipment that can isolate and rule out the electrical faults that occur, as well as maintain a measurement and simulation accuracy that can prove and document the operation of the equipment. Test and troubleshooting equipment with calibration equipment accuracy. We have equipment from "simple" loop calibrators to multifunction calibrators.

169 Medium ADT209 210
Calibration & analysis

Additel ADT209/210 loop calibrator

Additel ADT 209/210 loop calibrator series combine ease of use and funtionality. They are the ideal tool to troubleshoot your process loop.

Insatech Additel ADT226 Adt226ex Front
Calibration & analysis

Additel ADT226/227 (Ex) Multifunction calibrator

Additel's portable multifunction process calibrator takes functionality and accuracy to a whole new level. In addition, it has a design with intuitive and easily operated touchscreen.

Insatech Additel ADT260EX+Pressure Module Final With 20000 16 9
Calibration & analysis

ADT260EX intrinsically safe handheld multichannel reference recorder

Additels 260Ex is an intrinsically safe handheld multichannel reference recorder with 8 different channel configurations. Measure and collect data for pressure, temperature (RTD probes available), barometric pressure and electrical measurement - all in one portable device.

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