Bunker Management has arrived in West Africa.

Endofa becomes the first bunker supplier in the West Africa area to use a Coriolis mass flow meter, supplied by Insatech Marine, as part of their bunkering operation. In doing so Kenn Soendergaard, managing partner at Endofa, explains: 
It is very much a move to put the voting in the hands of the operators, owners and their purchasing team. Now that the option is there throughout several bunker hubs, will fraud and short supply continue to flourish or will bunker suppliers truly compete on sourcing, service and pricing?”

The Bunker Management System* is provided by Insatech Marine and makes bunker operations much more secure for buyer and supplier alike. 

Read more about the Insatech Marine Bunker Management System

Or read the full article at bunkerspot.com.

* i.e. the original article mentions the purchase of Insatech Marines  “Bunker Control System”, which has been changed and currently goes under the name “Bunker Management System”.   

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