MDA HORN 1024 Square Front
Digital Display

HORN Digital Indicator MDA

The MDA digital indicators from HORN are versatile and programmable instruments designed for various measurement applications. These digital touch panel can be customized to your needs and is available in two models: the Digital Indicator Programmable for U/I or Pt100 Input and the Digital Speed-Indicator with one Frequency Input.

DA72 HORN 1024 Square
Digital Display

HORN Digital Speed Indicator DA72

The DA 72 from HORN is a digital rate indicator with a time base. It is a powerful tool for displaying a wide range of physical parameters such as speed, velocity, and flow rate. It operates by accurately determining the frequency represented as an electric voltage. The indicator is available also for hazardous areas.

EAF96010 HORN 1024 Square
Analog Display

HORN Tacho Indicator EAF xxx

The tacho indicators of type EAF ... 5 offer a comprehensive solution for measuring and displaying pulse-frequency signals obtained from contactless sensors. These indicators incorporate a built-in measuring converter that directly converts the pulse-frequency signal into a driving direct current for the meter. The flexibility of these indicators allows for the allocation of any frequency range to any indication range within the specified technical limits.

Analog Display EAD HORN 1024 Square
Analog Display

HORN EAD xxx Analog Display Unit

The EAD series from HORN is an analog display unit specifically designed for usage on ships. This series of analog displays have multiple advantages over gauges employing moving coils.

EAD00285 HORN 1024 Square
Analog Display

HORN Tacho-Indicator EA xxx

The tacho-indicator EA xxx from HORN is the ultimate solution for remote tachometry. The analog display is designed to meet the demands of even the most challenging operating conditions, our robust moving coil instruments deliver unparalleled accuracy while requiring minimal maintenance.

I110 I160 HORN 1024 Square Front
Analog Display

HORN Eddy Current Tachometer I100...., I160....

The Eddy Current Tachometer I100...., I160.... from Horn is used if the measured quantity, for example, speed, can be indicated in the vicinity of the measuring point.

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Effective and Efficient Displays

Effective and efficient visualization is in focus with these displays.

The displays are available in two variants:

  • Digital
  • Analog.

Individually designed displays complete HORN’s product portfolio. Some of the features that characterize these displays are:

  • Fail-safe
  • Practical handling due to good readability
  • A high degree of robustness.
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