Insatech Fuel Consumption System Front 16 9
Fuel & Performance

Insatech Fuel Consumption System

When you start measuring your fuel consumption with accurate flow meters you can gain great insights into the ships everyday consumption. It gives you the means to adjust how you sail and find the most optimal way that saves you money. It also shows you the change in consumption when you implement improvements like hull cleaning and gives you a basis to make data driven decisions.

Insatech Performance Monitoring System Front 16 9
Fuel & Performance

Insatech Performance Monitoring System

Continuously increasing the operational efficiency in shipping is a condition for staying in business. Increasing crew awareness and knowledge of accurate fuel consumption is key to getting the most out of improvement projects and new procedures. Data driven decision making in real-time is the cornerstone of securing the added profit when optimising your operation.

sketche of the fuel additive dosing system

Fuel Additive Dosing & Ballast Water Treatment

Cori-Flow Dosing Box for fuel/water additive dosing. Complete additive dosing solution, with high accuracy dosing. It is easy to install and have low maintenance. Remote access (e.g. via Ethernet/Internet).

Insatech Shafttrq Torque Meter 16 9
Torque & Thrust

Insatech ShaftTRQ torque meter

The ShaftTRQ is a continuous shaft power measurement system that is easy and flexible to install and simple to operate.

Insatech Bunker Management System Front 16 9
Fuel & performance

Insatech Bunker Management System

Insatech Marine’s Bunker Management System is developed, designed and constructed to act as a safeguard against manipulation of bunkered marine fuel oil as well as counteracting it. By using equipment and methods that deliver high accuracy inline and real-time measurement during bunker operations, any attempt by the bunker service to gain an economic advantage is detected. This ensures you have the upper hand in any possible disputes.

Insatech Bunker Blending Unit 16 9
Fuel & Performance

Insatech Bunker Blending System

The Bunker Blending solution will help you blend and deliver bunker fuel in the correct quality and in a well defined quantity. The solution uses flow meters based on the Coriolis principle, which provides you with a direct measurement of mass and density. This ensures delivery of bunker at any viscosity using the minimum but correct amount of gas oil. The bunker you deliver will therefor always meet the ISO 8217 requirements and both quantity and quality will be documented in an automatic bunker report.

Insatech Yokogawa Rotamass TI Nano RCEN15K Front 1440P 16 9
Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Low Flow - Yokogawa ROTAMASS TI Nano

Use this flowmeter for your application with low flow. A small dual bent tube Coriolis flowmeter series for highly accurate measurement at lowest flows.

Insatech Yokogawa Rotamass TI Supreme RCUS38S Ultimatedisplay Front 1440P 16 9
Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Medium Flow - Yokogawa ROTAMASS TI Supreme

Use this flowmeter for your applications with medium flow. It's a Coriolis flowmeter with superior performance under demanding conditions.

Insatech Yokogawa Rotamass TI Giga RCEG2HS Ultimatedisplay Front 1440P 16 9
Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

High Flow - Yokogawa ROTAMASS TI Giga

Use this flowmeter for your apllications with high flow. ROTAMASS Giga deliver best in class accuracy and most flexible installation at high flow rates.

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