Insatech Fuel Consumption System Front 16 9
Fuel & Performance

Insatech Fuel Consumption System

When you start measuring your fuel consumption with accurate flow meters you can gain great insights into the ships everyday consumption. It gives you the means to adjust how you sail and find the most optimal way that saves you money. It also shows you the change in consumption when you implement improvements like hull cleaning and gives you a basis to make data driven decisions.

Insatech Performance Monitoring System Front 16 9
Fuel & Performance

Insatech Performance Monitoring System

Continuously increasing the operational efficiency in shipping is a condition for staying in business. Increasing crew awareness and knowledge of accurate fuel consumption is key to getting the most out of improvement projects and new procedures. Data driven decision making in real-time is the cornerstone of securing the added profit when optimising your operation.

sketche of the fuel additive dosing system

Fuel Additive Dosing & Ballast Water Treatment

Cori-Flow Dosing Box for fuel/water additive dosing. Complete additive dosing solution, with high accuracy dosing. It is easy to install and have low maintenance. Remote access (e.g. via Ethernet/Internet).

Insatech Shafttrq Torque Meter 16 9
Torque & Thrust

Insatech ShaftTRQ torque meter

The ShaftTRQ is a continuous shaft power measurement system that is easy and flexible to install and simple to operate.

Insatech Binsfel Torquetrak TPM2 With Shaft And Flange 16 9
Torque & Thrust

Binsfeld TorqueTrak TPM2 torque & power monitoring system

The Binsfeld TorqueTrak Torque and Power Monitoring System (TPM2 series) is a rugged precision instrument designed to measure torque and/or power on rotating shafts in real time using precise strain-gage sensors. The TPM2 is custom designed to fit on shafting as low as .75″ (19mm) and up to 48″ (1220 mm) in diameter. Machine disassembly is not required.

Insatech Binsfeld Torquetrak Sensor Interface (TTSI) 16 9
Torque & Thrust

Binsfeld TorqueTrak Sensor Interface (TTSI)

The Binsfeld Engineering TorqueTrak Sensor Interface (TTSI) is an optional interface that connects fx. The TorqueTrak TPM2 with your other products / systems. The TTSI takes the Modbus signal from the torque meter and can transform it to additional analog or digital I/O. It’s made from off-the-shelf components and custom programming giving you a flexible and economical solution.

Insatech Binsfeld Sea Trial Kit 16 9
Torque & Thrust

Binsfeld Sea Trial Kit

Binsfeld Engineering’s Sea Trial Kit provides everything you need to measure shaft torque, speed, and power on your vessel during sea trials. The all-in-one system measures and records data for up to 2 shafts simultaneously, at a rate of up to 2400 Hz for torsional vibration testing. The components come in an easily transportable, robust, and compact case, allowing for easy set-up and transport of the system between jobs.

Insatech Binsfeld Torquetrak 10K Torque Sensor 16 9
Torque & Thrust

Binsfeld TorqueTrak 10K Torque Sensor

The Binsfeld Engineering TorqueTrak 10K is a non-contact telemetry system ideal for real-time measurement of torque. The system is ideal for short-term data collection and diagnostic testing. It is designed to operate in harsh field conditions and is suitable for a wide range of applications, including marine propulsion systems, industrial machinery, and wind turbines.

Insatech Binsfeld Torquetrak SPM Ion 16 9
Torque & Thrust

Binsfeld TorqueTrak SPM iON Torque Meter

The Binsfeld TorqueTrak SPM-iON is a cutting-edge strain gage solution that accurately measures torque, RPM, and power on rotating shafts without requiring shaft disassembly or alteration. With only two main components and no need for a base mount, installation is simple and lead times are quick thanks to the innovative chain link design.

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