When Sustainable Development Goals becomes everyday goals

In addition to our focus on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 6 and 13, which relates to our customer-oriented solutions, and external sustainability, we are also working to minimize our company's impact on the environment. Specifically, we focus on the following activities:

Wind energy

From the 1st of January 2021, we have switched to using 100% green power from Danish wind turbines. With this transition, we are also helping to ensure that we, through our consumption, support the conversion to renewable energy.

See our wind energy certificate (In Danish)


Solar power systems

Several years ago, we installed a photovoltaic system on the roof of our production building, which during the summer periods produces enough electricity for both our production and administration / office building to be self-sufficient.

Print on FSC-certified paper

All our material are printed on FSC-labeled paper. FSC is an international non-profit labeling scheme for wood and paper. In a FSC-forest, no more wood is felled than the forest can reproduce. At the same time, the FSC is a guarantee that animals and plant life are protected and that the people, who are working in the forest are provided with education, safety equipment and a proper wage.

FSC Certificeret
Vi Affaldssorterer

Garbage sorting

We also have garbage sorting of industrial waste, and we send all electronics, cardboard, metal etc. for recycling. In addition, we have a common waste sorting, which takes place via sorting bins around our office.

No disposable plastic plates, cups or cutlery

We only use dishes that can be washed and recycled. Thereby, we avoid unnecessary consumption of disposable products, such as plastic cutlery and mugs.

Undgå Madpild

Avoid food waste

In our canteen, we work actively to reduce food waste by reusing yesterday's leftovers - rather than making new dishes every single day.

Work from home 

Our employees have the opportunity to work from home a couple of days every week. This saves them from driving back and forth from our offices.

Hjemmeside Hjemmekontor

Automated electronics and lights

Our computers and other electronic are turned off or on power-saving mode when our employees leave our offices. In addition, our light is sensor controlled, so we always ensure that it is turned off at night.

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