Carraro - Desuperheater VariCryo

VariCryo is a variable, desuperheater for cryogenic applications. Here you can mention is made of liquid LNG at temperatures from -130 ° C down to -150 ° C, depending on the pressure

When loading and unloading ships, the LNG liquid is injected in / out and filled with steam. The pressure is low and usually does not exceed ANSI 300, PN 40

Can also be applied to compression plants where LNG is injected to regulate / adjust the temperature of the gas, here too there is a fairly low pressure which does not exceed 10 bar

VariCryo is made of austenitic stainless steel

It is recommended to avoid gas pockets in the pipe system, as this also prevents ice formation on the sealing surfaces. This requires some form of strong insulation also around the control valves. The valves must therefore be supplied with long spindle extensions or possibly. supplemented with a spindle guide that fits inside the extended spindles

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