In 2011 Insatech Marine initiated a collaboration with Uni-Tankers as their advisor and component supplier. Uni-Tankers is known for their innovative approach to ship operations and their constant pursuit of optimizations, like using special paint on the hull and many other optimization projects – and the only way to get insights into the effect of these initiatives is to measure fuel consumption.

Flow Measurement on Main Engines

Our collaboration began as advisors and component suppliers, but it quickly evolved into more. Uni-Tankers
sought not only advice and equipment but a complete solution. Consequently, we now deliver a range of
products and services, including +50 Yokogawa Coriolis Flow Meters. These meters are designed to measure fuel for the main engine, providing insights into the vessels’ fuel consumption under different load conditions.

The Coriolis flow meters are programmed by us before delivery, allowing Uni-Tankers’ personnel to simply
plug-and-play connect their 4-20 mA cables, after which the meter is ready for use without further programming. Additionally, we have supplied by-pass systems as a complete measuring point with piping and valves in the by-pass.

Expansion to Measurement on Boilers

As Uni-Tankers transports cargo that may require heating during transport requiring additional energy we have recently expanded to flow measurement on their boilers. This is due to the need to achieve a good CII rating.

To maintain a favourable CII rating, it is crucial to document the fuel consumption for the extra energy used for heating, as 75% of this fuel consumption can be deducted from the calculation of the CII value. Therefore, measuring the flow to the boilers is essential to document the consumption and
enable calculations to maintain a positive CII rating.


By implementing flow meters on both the main engine and boilers, Uni-Tankers has not only obtained precise documentation of their fuel consumption but also gained insights into the significant impact of their optimization initiatives. Simultaneously, flow measurement on the boilers has opened up opportunities to take on tasks they would have previously declined due to a lack of documentation on energy consumption during transport.

Regarding our collaboration, Uni-Tankers’ Technical Director, Kristian Larsen states:

We are pleased with our collaboration with Insatech Marine, including the ongoing dialogue we have about potential optimization opportunities, and not least the products and solutions we purchase. We look forward to continuing this good cooperation in the future.

We thank Uni-Tankers for the collaboration and look forward to continuing it.

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