As many of the instruments we receive for both calibration and repair have been mounted in media that can be harmful to the touch, it is crucial that you fill out our contamination declaration - so we ensure that our employees are not harmed.

When you fill out the contamination declaration, you help to ensure that our employees are not exposed to media that may be toxic, corrosive or pose other health hazards.


Download the contamination declaration

Step-by-step guide 

  1. Order service and calibration by contacting our service team
  2. Download our contamination declaration and fill in all the relevant fields
  3. Print the declaration and attach it on the outside of the package* with the equipment, that needs service or calibration
  4. Send us the declaration via email
  5. Send the package to us

*It is important for our employees safety, that the declaration is attached to the outside of the package. The package will not be opened if the declaration is not directly accessible without opening it.

Kontamineringserklæring MG 9973 1440P
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