Coriolis Mass Flow Meters used to detect bunker fraudDuring September and October 2013 the topic of bunker fraud was given a lot of media attention. At Insatech Marine we were interviewed by a number of international magazines. We supplied some perspectives on the problem as well as potential solutions. You can read some of the articles below as well as other articles published on the subject. Here you can get in-depth information about Insatech's Bunker Management System and also how it saved a shipping company USD 31,980.


(Day/Month Year)

02/09 2014
MFM: Installation cost justifiable, says analyst

30/01 2014
Insatech: Control could weaken Singapore bunker market

04/10 2013
Can you beat the coriolis flow meters?

02/10 2013
Inside opinion: Getting the amount of bunkers you've paid for

26/09 2013
Singapore Shipping Association: authorities to crack down on bunker fraud

25/09 2013
Norden: Bunker fraud easily amounts to 3-4 percent

19/09 2013
Singapore could see flow meters by 2014

19/09 2013
Insatech: Bunker fraud is widespread and costs carriers millions

18/09 2013
Insatech: Carriers pay high price for bunker fraud

18/09 2013
Danish bunker company struggling with oil fraud

17/09 2013
New IBIA chairman: Way too much poor bunker

05/09 2013
Insatech's Bunker Control System saves shipowner over $ 30K

16/05 2013
Four charged in Singapore bunker fraud case

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