Electronic Delivery Note (BDN) to Improve Productivity

The Port Authority in Singapore (MPA) is working towards an electronic Bunker Delivery Note (e-BDN) in order to increase the productivity. Minister of Transport Lui Tuck Yew said “We are working on the concept of E-BDNs, bunker delivery notes electronically, that will allow instantaneous transfer of bunkering data to both the buyers and the sellers.” at the opening of SIBCON 2014.

The MPA clarified in another statement that it would use the data gathered by the Mass Flow Meters and mobile connection in the e-BDN concept, which “will increase the productivity of all stakeholders involved in the supply chain and minimize the possibility of human error

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At Insatech we welcome the changes as we already utilize the data from our Bunker Management System to generate BDNs as well as use mobile internet connections to send data too and from Head Quarters. This is also why we believe that we will be able to, though depending on how the e-BDN is implemented.