This month Insatech Marine is featured in an article in Tanker Operator. 

The interest began as Team Tankers International has purchased the system on an increasing number of their vessels.

How does it work?
Tanker Operators initial interest was on the workings of the system and how the KPI’s are generated. The assumption being that operational performance of the ships will be compared against the newly generated KPIs, in order to optimize performance under different circumstances. The technical setup is simply to install mass flow meters, torque, thrust, power and log the data with sailing conditions. All will be logged in a database and presented on board the vessel – as well as being sent to headquarters. 

We know that internet can be an issue on some routes, and Henrik points out that as the data is stored they will merely be mirrored into the onshore database, once there is a connection, as such the data collection works continuously and uninterrupted. 

Other uses of performance monitoring
The system is not only used for optimizing performance, it can be used to evaluate performance optimizing projects. It means that when you know the performance profile of a vessel in different conditions, then when you install a propeller bust cap fin or have the hull coated with special paint, after a period of testing you will be able to determine the amount of performance enhancement the project has rendered.
Has it met with your expectations? In that case you have substantial data to affirm that the investment will be worth your while - perhaps to roll out on fleet level? 
The system can also be used to highlight your green profile, as the amount of carbon dioxide emitted can be calculated easily.

The use of the system is thus multiple. 

The system can be delivered as a turnkey solution, including installation, testing, and commissioning. 

Read the full story on Tanker Operator. Our story can be found on page 16. 

If your are interested in more detailed view into performance? Read more about our Performance Monitoring System.

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