In terms of securing bunker standards the Maritime Port Authorities (MPA) of Singapore is securing suppliers and buyers of bunker. 

From 2017 it is required to bunker with a bunker system incl. coriolis mass flow meters. With such a legal framework faulty deliveries or fraud is meant to be prevented all together, making buyers get what they pay for. Which is a reasonable request, however it is far from a given. Implementing it on a world wide scale, is definitely interesting.   

User statements from suppliers and buyers with bunker systems

Teo Choo Wee, executive director, Pacific International Lines says: “we have had fewer compliance problems (..)  actually we haven’t had a single one.”  

Sheman Lee, Chief of marketing, Sentek Marine and trading highlight: “we have monitored every bunker delivery and when fault has occurred, it has been on account of a lack of training of the crew.”  As such it has been an eye opener as 12 out of 22 deliveries have been somewhat faulty – but the error is on the human side. Thus Mr. Lee is not concern about the fact that the government will have access to the data. In all earnesty it will improve their operation significantly.  

Both have been using newly developed systems from MPA.    

Making bunker management systems a requirements will provide suppliers with a better reputation and ensure buyers get what they pay for. The basis of the system comes down to this: Real-time and accurate measurements of the bunker flow, which is monitored in order to detect any deficiencies in the delivery. Having Coriolis Mass Flower meter based systems – and requiring stakeholders to  use them is essentially an industry game changer. 

Want to learn more about bunker systems, and how they work? 

Then just check out our Bunker Management System.  

Bunker fraud is a topic which tends to resurface. Especially a few years back when the marine fuel oil price was much higher, the cost of fraud could become extraordinary, where as it today will be relatively smaller, due to the much lower price of marine fuel oil. For more information on the subject, click to get an overview of a selection of bunker fraud cases and the contingencies of bunker fraud. You are also welcome to watch the video below about bunker fraud and what it means to buyers. 

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