Staying with the current subject of ODME (Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment) this article recaps the potential effects of tampering or sailing with unapproved/upgraded ODME. 

Recently a Greek based shipmanagement company has been fined due to their offence of US environmental laws. 

It is allowable to discharge water with oil contend of less than 15 ppm (parts per million) – a certain distance from land, or meeting a number of conditions if closer to land. The incident from which the company was fined involved the chief engineer tricking the oil content meter. This action allowed the vessel to discharge water with oily content of 15 ppm. 

The offending ship has been reported to be a tanker, Sestrea. 

What are the consequences? 

The Greek management company has been fined $800.000 for the incident, and an additional $200.000 going to the US National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.

But the incident has further effects. A 3 year probation of the company ensures all of their vessels must adhere to an environmental compliance plan. 

While it is not mentioned as part of the sentence, shipowners, who has publicly been known to violate laws, are typically up for more scrutiny and governmental check up’s at ports. 

Read the full article at bunkerworld

Other penalties

So that’s just one incidence, you might think, well in fact the US has fined ship owners $50 million for environmental crimes over the past 4 years for similarly ODME related bypasses or tricking. The penalties range from $0,5 to $12,2 million for offenders. It has also in extreme cases resulted in 5 years of trading ban or actual jail time for offenders. 

Read more of the total offenders at bunkerworld

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